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BASIL Double Sided Pet Grooming Comb with Handle for Easy Grip

BASIL Double Sided Pet Grooming Comb with Handle for Easy Grip

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  • Strong stainless steel comb to comb tangles and knots out of the coat
  • Helpful in maintaining a healthy and well groomed pet hair
  • Double comb for long haired pets
  • Rubber Grip for Anti-slip usage

BASIL presents the best quality comb having two different width of this comb which is convenient and practical to groom your pet. The fine side can be use to comb knotted fur and the wide side is suit for combing the soft fur on the body including area around eye, ear and legs. The strong handle makes it easy to comb out the toughest of tangles as well.

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We Witnessed the Unconditional Love and Joy that Pets Bring to Our Lives, and We Wanted to Give Back by Creating Products that Enhance Their Health and Happiness.

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