Collection: Pet Toys

Watching our beloved fur babies happy, healthy and playful is one of the most fulfilling and beautiful experiences in the entire world. As pet parents, we always want to ensure that our pets get the best in everything. Be it their food, clothes, bedding, medicines and toys, we try to give them premium-quality stuff. For example, if you are going to buy plush dog toys for your puppies, you need to check if the material is non-toxic, soft and sturdy. If you are getting chewing toys or chewable toys for your fur babies then you need to make sure that the toys are good for their teeth and non-toxic. This is why we need to get our pet supplies from a trustworthy and reputed brand, such as BASIL- Royal Yet Noble.

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BASIL- Royal Yet Noble has a huge collection of the best dog toys like BASIL Plush Treat Monster, BASIL Squeaky Dumbbell with Treat Dropper squeaky dog toys, BASIL Vacuum Rubber Toy with Tug Ball, faux fur toys, all dogs and golden retriever dog toys and cat toys like BASIL Cat Coconut Tree Scratcher with Dangler and BASIL Cat Cardboard Scratcher Bed with Catnip.