best pet grooming products for at home spa session

Best pet grooming products for at home spa session

Do you have a smelly dog? Eau de dirty dog ​​isn't on most people's list of fabulous scents - in fact, it's probably a scent you'd want to get rid of. And we don't blame you! But figuring out what dog grooming and bathing products to use is almost as annoying as the smell of stale nacho cheese wafting from your BFF. If it's bath time and you're not sure what products to use, don't worry—we've got a solution for your musty pooches.

Instead of going through page after page of products to clean your dog, check out our list of the best dog grooming and bathing products. Grooming a dog is an important part of caring for a dog's health. Not only does it help control any annoying issues your dog may have, but it also adds to some much-needed bonding time. Bathing and grooming your dog will not only keep your pets clean and healthy, but your home as well.

Even dogs with short, low-maintenance hair need regular brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. A long-haired dog may also need clipping and trimming. 

Here is a list of best grooming products you can use for an “at home” spa session-


1. Wet Wipes                                                                                                   

basil pet wet wipe

Dogs are bound to make a mess just like children. Basil introduces pet wipes for easy full body cleaning after meals, walks, outdoor activities, between grooming or any activity. Because they do not contain alcohol, the wipes are completely safe to clean the entire body including the face, mouth, paws, bottom or any other part of the body. Added Aloe Vera with Vitamin E helps condition the coat and keep it soft for regular use. Wet wipes are perfect when there's no time for a bath or a trip to the groomers.                                                                                                                      

2. Shampoobasil pet and dogs shampoo  

Basil aims to bring an exceptional skin care product to your pet. The innovative formula combines cleaning agents with basil oil to remove all dirt and residue. As a result, your pet gets a fresh, bright and lustrous coat so you can keep on hugging them all the time. Concentrated basil shampoo washes about 30% more than local shampoos. The natural benefits of basil oil make the shampoo antibacterial and soothing for your pet. Paraben-free shampoo protects your pets from allergies, dryness and itching.

We have a variety of shampoo - Dry Bath Foam Shampoo , Fur Fresh Aloe & Cucumber, Fur Fresh Apple Cider & Mandarin , Oats & Aloe Moisturising Shampoo, No Tick Preventive Shampoo , Silky Soft Conditioning Shampoo and Anti Dandruff Anti-Itch Shampoo .                                                                                                                            

3. Absorbent Towels

basil pets towels

BASIL absorbent towels are made of a special PVA material that helps dry your pet 5x faster. After a bath, it absorbs water from your pet's coat and dries them much faster than a regular cotton towel. Made from a special material that also has a cooling effect and soothes pets by keeping them cool in hot climates. It is enough to wrap the animal to cool down and easily reduce its body temperature. These towels are loved by professionals for comfort and convenience every time you dry your dogs and cats. The towel is lint-free, reduces mess and is made of environmentally friendly material.                                                                                                     

    4. Comb

    Basil Comb and Brush for Pets

    Basic dog grooming contributes significantly to overall health and well-being. Something you can do quite easily at home is to brush your pet every day. This distributes the natural oils throughout the coat and makes it look well maintained and shiny. Brushing also promotes blood circulation, which contributes to skin and coat health. During shedding season, a dog grooming brush is essential. You can catch shedding hair right at the source, so there's a lot less of it around the house and on your furniture. Just choose a dog brush or comb that is ideal for daily cleaning at home.

    • Flea comb is the best tool to get rid of fleas, ticks and their eggs; dirt and dust also through our closely spaced metal pin combs. Works great on dogs and cats of all sizes, use with caution on long-haired pets as it can be a little difficult to reach the skin.

    • Double Side Comb is a top quality comb that has two different widths of this comb that is comfortable and practical for grooming your pet. The fine side can be used to comb through knotted fur and the wide side is suitable for combing soft fur on the body including the area around the eyes, ears and legs. The strong handle makes it easy to detangle even the most stubborn tangles.

    • Slicker Brush gently removes loose hair, removes tangles, knots, dandruff and trapped dirt from your pet's coat. The perfect brush to remove all nasty mats and works great on all medium to long haired pets, be careful with short haired pets

    • De-Shedding Comb keeps the rich, mess-free fur of your beloved furball friends and less hair loss around the house. Your pet's shedding is natural and there is no way to remove it. But with our shedding comb, you can easily remove/control the mess around you.                                                    

         5. Perfume


        basil pet perfume

        Basil combined refreshing scents to create a beautifully smelling perfume. It has been specially formulated with additional ingredients to help achieve a luxuriously soft, shiny and fresh smelling coat. So just open the bottle of freshness and spray the unpleasant smell from your pet and welcome them with open arms

          We have 2 varieties- Woody Walk Perfume and Garden Fresh Perfume

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