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About Us

About Us

We know that the home is the heart of activity for family and friends, humans and pets. At BASIL, our focus is to provide consumers with high-quality and innovative products that simplify and beautify outdoor living spaces. Also, we work to create fun and healthy interaction with pets
Like humans, our pets are living longer. This is due to a trend known as the 'Humanization' of pets. We like to spoil and indulge with our animals. That is why we are committed to developing products that further tighten the bond between humans and pets with healthy animal treats and toys; pet care products aiming at their wellbeing and to help the owner deepen the bond with his/her pet.
Our objective is to provide high quality, premium pet products that enrich the pet ownership experience and tighten the bond between families and their pets. This is especially important considering the fact that studies reveal the percentage of households owning pets in India is on a rise and the market has a double digit growth everywhere. Our dedicated team is focused on introducing new, cool and innovative products. Innovation is the hallmark of our success in the Pet category.
Our brands are consistently recognized by customers and industry peers alike for innovation and quality. Retailers and consumers reward innovation, quality and service with loyalty and word-of-mouth praise.

A Wagging Tail speaks of a Happy Heart...

Become a household name and favourite of every pet. Bring a positive Improvement in the industry for Pets with pure intent of pet-welfare

We are passionate about pets and their families. Being animal lovers at first place, we’re committed to providing fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families.


BASIL is a Greek word which means ‘Royal’, additionally Basil is also a herb used extensively having various herbal/ ayurvedic benefits thus is considered as a ‘Noble’ herb. Since 2015, BASIL is constantly working on the above traits and thus is called ‘Royal yet Noble’. We have been extensively working on preparing products with best of benefits for our pack of clients. Sourcing of products is done with thorough study on what goes into making a better product. Our products are made for pure wellbeing of Pets and helping strengthen their bond with their Parents. At BASIL, we are committed to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners every day.

BASIL Values


We are enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it.


We INNOVATE every day


We include people closest to the work in decision making and improve regularly


We only deliver world class products that meet or exceed customer expectations by committing to deliver quality assurance


We hold ourselves and each other accountable and we learn from our mistakes.

Shubhesh Sales is now ISO certified, making us a quality brand to be trusted upon

Our products are herbal and cruelty free making us a socially responsible product and company.